The propelling force behind the Apostolate of Education of the CMC is the farsighted vision of Blessed Chavara Kuriakose Elias, the founder of the CMC, who firmly believed that if any society is to be uplifted the women folk and the children ought to be educated. The committed faculty and staff of our various schools and colleges are the very pillars of our strength.
At present there are 19 - pre-primary schools, 16 - LP schools, 10 - UP,       7- HS, 4 - HSS, 1- TTI, 1- Technical school, 1- College, 1- B Ed. College which strive hard to keep academic excellence and well integrated growth of  students entrusted to our care. All these Educational institutions come under CMC  Educational society which was registered in the year 1978 .

  • Every year we empower all our staff by giving counselling course for managing their wards.Two of our expert sisters assist the students, staff and parents of each school as the situation demands.
  • Find out each institutions strengths, weaknesses and plan to overcome the short comings through interviews and group discussions.
  • Arrange remedial coaching for slow learners either by residential training or forming study circle.
  • Evaluation of the competency of the teachers, teacher student relationship, value education given etc. are carried out every year. It is an opportunity to get feedback.
  • Staff convention is addressed to make them aware of their goal. Orientation classes are also given by experts.
  • Once in every 3 months, Sr. Superior, Head of the institution and Sister staff of each convent get together to evaluate and plan the programmers for the enhancement of their unity, understanding, division of labour and smooth functioning.
  • Apart from regular academic studies , the students acquire values in their life through value education and sex education classes. The classes are handled by Priests and our sisters working in the medical field.
  • All teachers under the CMC Udaya Education society are to be trained in Spoken English and IT and submit the certificate to the management
  • Provincial and local animation team visit all the schools under Udaya CMC Educational Society and examine their account books.
  • Awareness classes and Family guidance seminars are given to PTA in all the schools  and colleges.
  • Carmel day, Chavara day, Patrons day, Christmas and other important days are celebrated in our institutions. We conduct residential retreats for UP, HS, HSS and College students.
  • Celebration of Holy Mass every month, recite rosary during interval, learn and recollect the word of God, occasional visit to the Blessed Sacrament are some of the common programmes in our schools and colleges.
  • TQM awareness class is given to the teaching and non teaching staff in our schools and colleges.
  • The Education department provides financial aid for buying Computer, Lap tops, Laboratory equipments, Library books, Uniform, Study materials and Financial aid to the poor students etc.     

The  dream of our founder Blessed Kuriakose Elias to remove illiteracy among women and empower  the children thus fulfills through our Apostolate of education .